Why Dog Agility ?

Dog Agility is a fun activity for you and your dog. It teaches you and your best friend to negotiate jumps, tunnels, weaves and contact equipment around an agility course. The overall aim is to get the fastest time with the least number of faults, but more importantly have fun and make it enjoyable.

Dog Agility, based in Beverley near Hull, is a great way to keep both your dog and you “the handler" fit at the same time, increasing and growing that special bond.

Here at Agility at Wagtails, we can teach you all you need to know about dog agility right through from foundations up to competing against the top level handlers, if that’s your goal. But if you just simply want to have fun with your dog we can help there too.

I do all the teaching myself and  only use positive reinforcements and the latest training techniques to help you achieve the best from your dog. I am also  a fully qualified Kennel Club judge.

All of our equipment is made to the current Kennel Club specifications and all dog agility training takes place in a secure well maintained training field in Beverley near Hull. All contact equipment at the field is GALICAN indoors it is First Contact.

Everyone has to start somewhere and no previous dog agility experience is necessary. Basic obedience should be mastered before starting dog agility and regularly maintained throughout your agility journey.

Interested in Starting Agility or just learning more skills ?

If you are interested in starting Dog Agility training or would simply like to learn more skills please send me a message and I will do my best to help.

How Can You Start Training ?

To enquire about availability simply complete the enquiry form at the bottom of the page. Please include the breed and age of your dog , also what you hope to achieve from agility. We will reply to you as soon as we are free. 



Ethel and I began our agility journey with Jason approx 3yrs ago. I’ve always wanted to give it a go and it has super exceeded my expectations.

Ethel isn’t your typical agility dog but this hasn’t stopped her in her tracks, not only that she is dog reactive. Although not a behavioural  class, training with Jason has helped build her confidence with and around other dogs and also improved my own, getting that feeling like ‘yes I can do this’. With the encouragement from Jason both in yours and your dogs abilities, he works to get the best out of you. Training sessions to meet your needs, push you out of your comfort zone but always in a way that you want to learn more. Not only from Jason but the encouragement and support you receive from the other members of the team that have now become an agility family.

Agility not only gets you out of the house but the bond  you build with your dog is amazing. Not only that but the friendships you make at training is a bonus. Ethel has just recently gone up her 1st grade and I’ve never been prouder of what we have achieved with Jason's knowledge and expertise.

Linsey Newlove


Our Dogs in Action

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