Group Lesson Protocol as of July 2020 Re COVID-19.

1. Please park respectfully in the designated parking area. Use hand sanitiser before opening or closing the gates or use clean disposable gloves.

2. Before touching any of the equipment please clean and sanitise your hands or wear clean disposable gloves.

3. Please keep at least a 2 metre distance from myself, and other handlers in the group, at all times.

4. No chairs or refreshments available so please provide your own.

5. You must bring your own water and bowl for your dogs, and also take any dog waste home with you. You should also bring your dogs favourite treats and toy.

6. All payments to be made monthly in advance by bank transfer.

7. I will be using antibacterial gel during lessons. Please bring yours along too and do the same.

8. If at any time (before/after your lesson) you think you are showing signs of COVID-19, please inform me as soon as possible, and follow Government guidelines.

By attending your lesson you agree to all of the above protocol and understand that you do so at your/your dogs own risk.

Check availability (Remember to include dogs age and breed)